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About us

Lunatic Shopper was launched in 2008 with the ever-changing face of the marketplace in mind. Today's savvy woman doesn't have countless shopping hours to dedicate to acquiring the perfect wardrobe. Lunatic Shopper does the legwork for you by providing a comprehensive collection of designer apparel & accessories to suit every woman's style and occasion without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. Lunatic Shopper provides both quality and value to its customers by offering a wide assortment of authentic designer items, from some of today's most notable labels, at a considerable discount.

At Lunatic Shopper we understand that today's consumer wants to enjoy the convenience of on-line shopping without sacrificing the allure, character and personal service of the high-end boutique. With this in mind, it is our goal to create a modern hybrid of the on-line and offline shopping experience.

Lunatic Shopper combines technology, convenience and information with creative, interactive features to provide a unique buying experience. We offer impeccable service marked by secure payment, rapid domestic delivery using USPS, a flexible return policy and personal direct customer contact by phone, e-mail and live on-line chat.

Lunatic Shopper is always working to provide you with cutting edge designers and sincerely welcome your input, ideas and comments. We hope that by supplying our customer with opportunities to have input it will in turn keep our company fresh, relevant and growing in leaps and bounds. We encourage you to flip through our fashion trends guide and shop our vast assortment of amazing deal! Don't shop harder shop smarter with Lunatic Shopper!

We would love to hear about you, your favorite designers, and more.

Thanks for shopping with us!